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Postby Westy » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:50 pm

Hey guys. New to the forum.

I'm in the process of doing my Cat C and am interested in starting out skip driving once I pass. Just wanted to find out what people that have done it or are currently doing it thought of it. Is it true that skip companies will take on new drivers? What sort of pay should I expect. What's the Pros and cons of the job?

Any info will be much appreciated.
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Postby badger1bear » Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:41 pm

Skip drivers (good ones) are a hardy breed, they earn their money. They are out in all weathers, caked up to their eyeballs in mud at times. Expected to thread the truck thru the eye of a needle because (we have had bigger trucks than yours in here mate) You are expected to take overloaded skips because other idiot drivers have done so but at the end of the day is it worth your licence to have something fall off of your skip and go thru the screen of a car and kill a child ??? It can be a good job when working for the right company but it can also be a crap job when working for sheister companies. Skip driver can be hard to find and keep thats why good ones earn good money, companies are always looking for good drivers, it keeps their insurance down. My advice would be go down the agency route for skip work. You will find a company you will like and they will pay your agency to take you off of their books. Doing the agency route will give you the benefit of trying different companies to find ojut which ones are worth staying with ;-)
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