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Postby Smeeagain » Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:02 pm

Good morning,

Hello - fairly new to the forum (first post i think).

So, I decided I wanted to be an 'advanced driver'.....

Having researched IAM and ROSPA I opted for the latter, rightly or wrongly. I've enjoyed the training and get on well with my instructor. The examiner for my are (through which my instructor has had six gold passes and one silver pass this year) is a retired Police driving Instructor. He is off sick and another examiner from another county has stepped in. He won't come to my area I must go to him,and whilst I totally accept that if you're "good enough" then you're good enough, regardless of the fact that you are being tested on roads that you are familiar with, I'm finding it unsettling to be forced into this - I took instruction in my area, drive in my area every day and expected , not unreasonably in my opinion, to be tested in my area.

However that is just a little background to the situation and not the main thrust of my post.

My instructor spoke with the new examiner to discuss when I'd be ready for test. My instructor (IAM, ROSPA Gold, etc etc himself) was a little thrown off when the examiner asked 'What my expectations were of the level of pass I may get". Now to be clear I have no expectations, even given my instructors track record. In my book, you practise, you learn, you read up, you hone your skills and present yourself for the test and hopefully you don't have abad day at the office and give it your best shot,a d they award you what they award you 'based on your driving on the day'.

But...... the examiner's reason for asking was "As far as he was concerned, you couldn't get a gold unless you had a police background". I can find no reference to this 'criteria' in the ROSPA/ROADAR paperwork. But i also note n the paperwork that the examiners decision is final. And if it is based on performance on the day, i have no issue with that (but I do have an issue with prejudice).

I feel like the goalposts have been moved somewhat after joining ROSPA, paying my membership, and paying my test fee. I feel like this examiner is prejudging someone he has never met. i now feel like I can't get ' a fair trial' so to speak. if I get a silver it was because he marked me down because he is prejudiced, when in actual fact it may well be because I only deserve a silver. If I don't get a gold then why was that ....... None of my instructors six gold and one silver students had a police background, so this guy's approach is somewhat critical and demeaning of the current examiner's position.

The ROSPA/ROADA test guidelines paperwork state that you can apply for a re-test (with a fee payable) if you get a silver (or bronze). The implication from this examiner is you'll never get the gold therefore the money (and time and effort ) is wasted.I guess he is happy to take the money though (?)

I feel that I'd rather have different examiner and no know his prejudices and take what I get, so as to get my fair trial.

I'd appreciate and thoughts or feedback the forum collective may have.

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Postby Laurence Jacquemin » Tue Aug 23, 2016 5:43 pm

I got a Gold last year despite having no police background whets ever and having been driving for 7 years at the time, I am sure you have been driving longer so if I can get a Gold you can.

Problem is as far as I am aware the Gold status very much depends on what the individual examiner thinks, one examiner may see a drive as a Gold standard and another as a Silver standard.

Only thing you can do is drive to your best ability to show the examiner you deserve a Gold, and blow his prejudice out of the water!
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Postby Stephen » Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:51 pm

ExI'm sorry to hear of your experience with the Examiner that has been allocated to test you.
All I can say is that it is not true,I am an Examiner for both ROSPA and IAM and like you I have never heard of this about having to be Police trained to get a Gold.
I have given a few Gold's out butt only if the drive warrants it,if you do not feel that you will get tested to the standard that you feel you should then just contact ROSPA and ask to change your Examiner.
As for moving to an area that you are unfamiliar with I on occasions get allocated associate's from a distance away due to Examiner availability and I will ask to be met half way this is due to not having a test route in or around the area of the associate, and it is not economical to go out and make one up. This might be the reason why they have asked to meet you elsewhere.
As you have said when you pass your certificate allows you to be an advanced driver everywhere not just in the area where you completed your training.
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Postby andypoulton » Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:28 am

Hi Stephen.
I agree with both Lawrence and smeeagain.
I too examine for both organisations. [30 years and 3000 test now] Given out loads of different grades from people of all different walks of life. GOLDS well. Most recent was a St John Ambulance driver and two lorry drivers!!
Yes I get tests from all over and promise them a special route to enjoy and show me their skills and abilities.
Focus on that and getting a pass.

Sorry if a comment has upset you. I might say that, as that is my way, and it would be in fun to relax you. I have never had an Instructor contact me before a test though? Except perhaps if Fleet work. Sometimes I ask what grade you had last to ascertain what your aims are all depends. If an initial test I just conduct it.

If I may be slightly bold sounds as if you have just a touch of Testitus. Please 'chill' and if you are really concerned enough as Smeeagain suggests, wait or ask for another area/Examiner. Is it very far, way out, where is it?
We all like to please as does the organisation. I have also had mis allocations too with a 100 miles round trip.

Hope that helps Best wishes on test.
Whatever grade, you can do it again and will do in three years. :D
Cheers Andy
Its not what you drive but the way that you drive it.
Its not how fast you drive but how you drive fast.

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Postby andypoulton » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:41 pm

Sorry Stephen.
Just been reminded by Head Office [the WIFE !!]

Some people if they do not get the grade they want are pretty devastated.

I have a guy who passed his iAM RoadSmart Masters test with me.
He did get a very good mark/grade but did not get a distinction.

He has been going round telling everyone he failed?

Cheers Andy
Its not what you drive but the way that you drive it.
Its not how fast you drive but how you drive fast.

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